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Chocolate Fountain

Indulge your guests with our heavenly chocolate fountains. We have a vast array of irresistible dips that taste divine when smothered in the shiny smooth warm chocolate. The alluring aroma itself will tempt all your guests no matter what their age. What better way to welcome you guests??

The chocolate quality is second to none as we only use dreamy premium Belgium chocolate. If you really want to treat your guests you could have 2 or 3 chocolate fountains which always makes a fantastic display.





Small chocolate fountain will cater up to 100 guests

Medium chocolate fountain will cater up to 300 guests

Large chocolate fountain will cater up to 400+ guests


Premium Dark Belgium Chocolate

Premium Milk Belgium Chocolate

Premium White Belgium Chocolate




1 Large Fountain


1 Medium Fountain


1 Small Fountain


2 Large Fountains


2 Medium Fountains


2 Small Fountains


1 Large Fountain + 1 Medium Fountain + 1 Small Fountain


Each package includes:


Illuminated Star shaped platform

Premium Belgium Milk chocolate



Dip cases

2 uniformed operators

4 Hours of rental

Dips: 4 dips = small chocolate fountain, 6 dips = medium chocolate fountain, 8 dips = large chocolate fountain

Fruit Display


Amaze your guests with an extraordinary colourful fusion of exotic and tropical fruits displayed in a jaw-dropping fashion. Our professional fruit carvers will leave you guests in awe of their intricate masterpieces. We can also incorporate water features to make the display look more fascinating. Or you could opt for the spectacular palm tree design that always leaves a lasting impression.




Mixed Fruit Palm Tree Package


Strawberry Palm Tree Package


Small Fruit display – 100+ people


Medium Fruit display – 300+ people


Large Fruit display – 400+ people


Table menus


Once you have decided on your mouth-watering menu for your guests, why not have it proudly displayed on a classy menu that stands on each table. These menus allow you to show off the treats that you have in store for your guests. It also emphasizes how you have planned your event in the minutest of details. Furthermore, it also creates a atmosphere of sophistication. You could also put what special occasion it is (e.g wedding of…) or the date of the event or even add a special heartfelt message thanking the guests.



Want your party to be different?? Want to add the wow factor to your party?? Want your party to stand out?? Want your party to be memorable to every guest??

Of course you do!! Well look no further!!


Domain Catering offers a wide range of elegant décor and unique favors that can make your event’s finishing touches sparkle. You’re spoilt for choice with the different styles and colours we offer. However, if you require something that is not featured in our website or if you’re having a party that has a specific theme such as Halloween/80’s/Christmas then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.